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Altman and teammates talk Jabari

When five-star shooting guard Jabari Brown decided to spurn offers from some of the best college programs in the country for an Oregon program with a sub-500 record over the two previous seasons and a new head coach fans and media alike were caught off guard.

High expectations from fans have been placed on Jabari Brown. But what does his teammates and coaches think?

Naturally the expectations for a recruit like Brown at a program like Oregon’s is to come right in and play and be a key piece to the puzzle.

But for Oregon the Ducks have been down this road before back in 2004 when Malik Hairston picked the Ducks over powers like Kansas, Arizona and UCLA. Expectations were high for Hairston and his entire class in ‘04.

For Jabari Brown he’s already won over his teammates but head coach Dana Altman says the freshman still has a long ways to go.

Below are quotes from the team on the play and future of Jabari Brown at Oregon.

SR Jeremy Jacob

I think he could be one of the best players in the conference. He’s a big guy, a big guard, a quick guard. Can shoot it, can rebound it, can pass it, can do everything. I’d say if he listens to coach and work hard the sky is the limit.

I think he can do it. We have a team and enough pieces and enough talent where anybody could do it. It could be anybody any night but Jabari is one of those guys that can do it.

JR E.J. Singler

He can be very good. If he knows his role. If he buys into coach’s philosophy he can be very good, but that can be for any player if they buy in and know their role. They can be a very good player here. He’s very explosive. He can shoot the three very well. He can get to the basket. I think that can be a big thing for our team and for him if he can get to the basket, score, and get fouled. Get points that way will really help him and help us.

It’s a big jump from high school. Some players turn out to be very good players and some don’t but I think Jabari will. He’s a competitor and if he keeps competing in practicing and we keep on pushing him I think he will be a very good player.

All of our freshman are really good. They bring different stuff to the table. Brett Kingma can shoot the three like I’ve never seen before. Austin Kuemper is going to help us a lot with rebounding. Just a bigger guy in the paint. Bruce Barron, once he gets healthy, plays very hard and is very exciting to play with. And Jabari, very explosive, very good player. I think all the freshman are going to be great for us this year.

SR Olu Ashaolu

He’s the real deal, he’s the real deal. It’s not hype. It’s not him being a west coast guy or anything like that. Jabari Brown is the real deal. He’s just efficient. He’s a good scorer. For a guy that’s a freshman, in the weight room we lift with guys with similar strength and he lifts with me. I’m a fifth year guy and he’s a freshman and he’s throwing up the same weight I am throwing up. He’s a solid frame and a smart player.

Head coach Dana Altman

Jabari is a very talented young player and he showed that in Italy as he was our leading scorer. He scores in a lot of different ways. He’s got a good maturity about him. He is going to have to learn to play hard at all times which a lot of high school guys have a hard time making that adjustment. But there is no doubt the talent is there. He is just going to have a lot of hard work ahead of him. There’s going to be an adjustment to division one basketball and I think he can make that and I think he will be a solid player for us.

Oh it’s way too early to tell that. We got a lot of guys that can score. Scoring’s not as big of a concern as it was a year ago. I think we got more guys that can score, more guys that have experience scoring. I think the ability to score and having scored in division 1 competition. Plus has scored in division-one competition. Devoe Joseph when he gets eligible Dec.10th has scored in Big 10 competition. EJ and Garettt, Johnny. Tyrone and Garrett have all played at the Pac-12 level and have experience scoring at that level. But to make a predication where Jabari will fall in is way too early. There’s so many things that we got to get decided in these early practices. Guys are going to have to compete for playing time which is a great situation for a coach. I like the guys, I like the way they work and prepare themselves I just hope they understand we have a tremendous amount of work ahead of us.

FR Jabari Brown on Jabari Brown

I don’t feel pressure, I just want to win but I do have high expectations of myself. I want to be the best and I’m just focused on getting better every day. I am confident in myself as a player and as a scorer but I didn’t think I’d lead the team in scoring, it just happened.

I’m a scorer, I like to get my teammates involved. I am a competitor, I want to win every game.

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