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Compliance shakeup at Oregon

Amid a long and uncertain NCAA investigation, Oregon has had a sudden shakeup within it's compliance department.

Mark Helfrich would love to have the NCAA investigation behind him.

Long time compliance senior associate athletic director of compliance and academic services Gary Gray, has decided to retire.

After 28 years of service with Oregon, DuckTerritory is told his retirement is not tied to the NCAA investigation.

There is also a posted want ad to fill the now vacant position: Senior Associate AD, Chief Compliance Officer of Athletics

Despite comments from the university on the sudden change, there could be additional information and how this is might in fact be tied to the NCAA investigation.

DuckTerritory has learned there were several compliance issues related to the NCAA investigation and the use of phone calls by recruiting assistant personnel. The personnel in question was not acting outside of his or her own guidelines as compliance informed them.

Rather there could be more changes within the compliance offices and don't be surprised to see another opening soon.

Here is a link to Oregon's compliance page and some FAQ: Oregon Compliance page

DuckTerritory has inside information for our VIP members on this development and how it may tie directly to the NCAA investigation. We also have information on the timeline of a conclusion of this investigation.

To read that information, follow the link to the VIP forums and our details on this development.

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