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Ashley interested in building power

Hillsboro,OR-Brandon Ashley out of Findlay Prep in Henderson, NV is a wanted man right now and before heading up to Hillsboro to play in the Nike Global Challenge the 6-foot-7 power forward cut his list down to seven schools.

"I decided to cut them down and really focus," said Ashley.

Those seven schools in no order are Arizona, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Oregon, Syracuse, Texas and UCLA.

"I am actually thinking about cutting it down to five or three actually one more time before I make my decision," explained Ashley. "I currently don't have any favorites at the moment between the seven."

Arizona, Kentucky, Syracuse, Texas, and UCLA are all college basketball powers year in and year out but Oregon and Georgia Tech are both on the rebound and that attracts Ashley.

"I am really interested in Oregon because I can come in there and rebuild that program into something pretty special," Ashley said. "I like the idea of starting something big and taking things off. Same for Georgia Tech. I could go in there and start something special and make them a power."

The five-star power forward is looking for that perfect fit where he can come in right away and play but also says he' doesn't expect things to be handed to him.

"I want to work hard every day," says the forward. "I am not the type of person where I want to be handed everything. I've been taught to work hard for everything you want. So while I want to come in and start I don't want a coaching staff to come in and say 'here you go Brandon you start from day one'."

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