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Ducks commit quits football

In one of the most interesting developments thus far of the 2014 recruiting cycle, it comes at the cost of Oregon.

The Ducks are riding high this year in recruiting under the direction of Mark Helfrich. What started things off for Oregon was the big pickup of four-star defensive end hybrid Jordan Hoiem in March.

Today the nation's No. 228 overall player has decided to quit the sport completely. Hoiem told 247Sports he has decided to quit playing football.

"I've thought a lot about it and I've decided not to play football anymore," Hoiem said. "I was unhappy playing the sport, I didn't love it. I just had no fun. I just know football doesn't make me happy."

Hoiem said the deadline for him to sign up for his senior season of football passed this past weekend. He thought long and hard about playing but decided he was done.

"I couldn't do it," he said. "I hated playing last year all year long. After football was over I started to forget how much I didn't like it. I started training recently and started to get back into it. Once meetings started coming up it reminded me of all of those bad feelings. I knew there was no way I could go through all of this."

The four-star was aware the ramifications regarding his scholarship with Oregon. Despite the loss, he said he knew there was no way he could continue playing for Oregon when he arrived.

"I love Oregon and the coaches and all of that. I committed and I was so excited about playing there. I had every intention to play at Oregon. But I know now I would never be happy. I feel bad doing this and a lot of people won't understand it. But it's better I do this now then after I get there or even closer to signing day. I feel bad but I just know I couldn't keep playing anymore."

Hoiem said it was a hard decision but he didn't want to leave the coaches in a tough situation close to signing day. He wishes the Oregon staff tremendous success and hopes fans can understand his decision.

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