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Bennett opens up on decision

Saturday following Oregon's first day of practice preparing for Arkansas State on September 1st sophomore quarterback Bryan Bennett spoke with the Oregon media. Bennett discussed the coaching staff's decision to start Marcus Mariota over himself, his plans moving forward, and many other topics. Below is the transcript of the interview.

Sophomore quarterback Bryan Bennett discusses the Oregon depth chart and Marcus Mariota being named the starter.

How are you doing?

“I am doing good, I am good.”

“Disappointing, obviously. I've kinda found the best in it. Trying to find the best in it. Do what I can do to help my team. Make something happen.”

What can you do to help this team?

“Help this team win games.”

Does last season help you at all? Knowing an injury could happen and you are playing?

“Ya I guess you could say that. I knew it could go either way. It was one of those things you thought about and hoped it didn't happen and it happened. It doesn't mean I am going to stop working, I am not going to stop grinding, I am not going to stop getting after this thing. My dreams aren't over. Its just a little hump in the road.”

Does Oregon’s coaching staff’s feelings of competition help you know you can win this job back?

Bennett says he wants to stay at Oregon and his dreams aren't over just yet.

“I mean, its a good thing that they don't come in and say you are done. Get used to being the back up and go from there. Things would have been a little different. They told me to keep going, keep working, and that's what I am going to do.”

Are you looking at transferring?

“No, not right now.

It shows that you have to be prepared as a backup. I learned that a couple times from high school to now. I think I will be prepared if another opportunity like that allows me to jump up and do that.”

Did any teammates speak with you after the decision?

“I had a lot of guys come up to me and talk to me and tell me they still need me on this team for them, they had a lot of respect for me, things like that, It helped me out a lot. Seeing how much these guys still care. It's not just about being the starter and what not. They care about me and I care about them. That's what’s making this a little bit easier.”

Did you speak with Marcus Mariota after?

“I just told him congratulations and thanks for making me better. And like you said, this thing isn't over.”

Difficulty in losing the job?

“Its not hard. Its competition in football. It's expected. I think we'd have a worse relationship if it was just handed over and vice a versa. It's not hard at all.”
How did the coaches tell you?

“They just tried to stay positive as they could in a situation like that.”

Will you consider leaving?

“I don't know what's going to happen in the future. I have to worry about going to practice Monday, I have this season, it's not anything I don't want to do. I don't want to leave this school, I love it here. I love my teammates, I love playing for the Ducks. This is where I want to be. In the future you never know what's going to happen, I still have to think what's best for myself. As of right now I want to be here and I want to be on this team.”

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