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Despite Injury Dyer Gets Calls

Austin Dyer suffered a torn ACL earlier in the spring AAU period and now the 6-foot-8 power forward out of Central Catholic High School in Portland, OR is working simply on rehabbing and getting back onto the floor as soon as possible.

"I am just going to rehab every day and working on my range of motion," said Dyer. "I've got it all back now so I am just working on strengthening it."

Dyer has also seen college coaches start calling him and picking up their recruitment now that they can call.

"I had Oregon, USC, UC-Irvine, Portland, Oregon State, San Diego State, and Cal-Poly all give me phone calls recently," says Dyer.

"Some of the coaches knew about about my injury and just called to see how it was going and to keep working hard and grinding. The ones that didn't know were telling me they were going to come watch so I had to break the news but they were upbeat and gave me some tips on how to come back stronger."

Dyer still plans on visiting Oregon again for a second unofficial visit this summer when the Ducks start practicing for their trip to Italy.

For now Dyer is working on getting into the weight room and bulking up so his body can be in the best shape when he hits the hardwood.

"I hope people come and watch me play so they know I am in the discussion for best player in the state cause I am working so hard," stated Dyer.

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