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Artis To See Doctor Monday

Oregon played their second straight week without Dominic Artis due to a foot injury and Oregon head coach Dana Altman says the Ducks still don’t know when he will be back to play.

Freshman Dominic Artis exchanges words with senior Carlos Emory at half against Utah.

“He will go to the doctor again on Monday and we will see where it is at,” Altman explained after Oregon’s 73-64 victory over Utah.

Altman says Artis has been trying to stay in shape while he’s been out since January 26th by working out in Oregon’s underwater treadmill.

“It’s killing him, he wants to play,” Altman said. “He’s ready to take the boot off right away and play. It’s one of those things where you don’t want to mess with his feet as a freshman and have problems down the line.”

Altman says once Artis is cleared to play the Ducks won’t force him back into action right away, but instead ease him back into the rotation to prevent him from re-injuring the foot.

“We will bring him back slowly. We won’t bring him back all at once,” says Altman. “He’s meant a lot to our team this year. His competitiveness, he’s really struggling watching us play and not being part of it.”

Altman cited the time off the court has been good for his future development and understanding what the coaching staff is wanting him to do but Altman admits he would be nice to get him back out there soon.

“He’s really focused in and not just taking time off and he’s learning something about the game,” said Altman. “He’s pretty important to us and would love to get him back as quick as possible.”

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