Evaluating Danny Mattingly

When Oregon landed 2013 four-star linebacker Danny Mattingly out of Mead high school in Spokane, WA the Ducks were able to secure a need at a critical position with one of the region's best overall athletes.

Danny Mattingly willhave a shot to get onto the field right away.

As a senior Mattingly recorded nearly 100 tackles and was named a Seattle Times 4A First Team State Player. He picked Oregon over Washington, UCLA, Miami,

Mattingly checks in at 6-foot-5 and 215 pounds which instantly makes Mattingly one of Oregon's most athletic and tallest linebackers at Oregon next season.

Mattingly continues Oregon's recruiting trend of landing as many athletes as possible. Tyree and Tyrell Robinson are two Oregon commits who could play multiple positions at Oregon and Mattingly fits along those lines as well. The Ducks also signed T.J. Daniel, Pharaoh Brown, Colt Lyerla, and Christian French the last two years who came into Oregon with the option of playing tight end or linebacker.

For now linebacker appears to be the landing spot for the four-star commit but tight end or even drop-end could be positions the Ducks choose to deploy him in the future.

Mattingly posses great closing speed and is good at getting out of his stance and into position to attack ball carriers. Very rarely did Mattingly as a senior allow a ball carrier to fall forward for extra yards, but instead punished his man and tackled the offensive player backwards onto their backside. Mattingly also showed impressive skills in shedding blockers from his middle linebacker position and getting to the ball carrier. In high school Mattingly was most likely the best player on the field but in college that won't be the case. Being able to read a play, break off your blocker, and disrupt the running game is key. Mattingly's film shows he reads the play well enough and has the ability to shed blockers which makes him even more capable of contributing right away at Oregon.

Mattingly's senior film didn't feature a lot of pass coverage which then makes one wonder how good he will be in pass coverage in a league that is full of elite quarterbacks. Without seeing much film of him in true pass coverage we can still see traits of a player who can hold his own. Mattingly showed good lateral quickness from sideline to sideline and speed has never been an issue since he is also a star pass-catching tight end.

Mattingly reminds me of a player like Spencer Paysinger or Boseko Lokombo. Not sure Mattingly is athletic as either player but he certainly has the size and prowess to play off the edge via the run or pass game. His bone-crushing hits were very impressive and were reminders of Paysinger or Lokombo. Again Mattingly isn't as quick as either player but the similarities two both players when they committed to Oregon are there.

There is also some similar attributes between Mattingly and Kiko Alonso. Alonso came out of high school a tad heavier and was known to be a better 'hitter' but Mattingly is also a better overall athlete and quicker player. This isn't to say Mattingly isn't a hard hitting linebacker because he is but that Alonso had already developed this ‘college type hitting linebacker’ mentality and respect. Mattingly is more known for his overall athletic ability.

Should Oregon decide to slide Mattingly over to the offensive side of the ball and play him at tight end the Ducks will be getting yet another athletic, tall, and strong target at tight end. The first thing that pops out when watching Mattingly on offense is his drive to finish off his blocks. At Oregon you don't block you don't play. Mattingly will certainly fill that requirement. Multiple times in his video he plows his man 5,10, and even 15 yards off the line of scrimmage and away from the play. Very rarely did his film show him get pushed even a smidge backwards, even if he continued to block his man. As a receiver Mattingly made most of his catches off simple routes such as go-routes or drags across the middle. He is a big-play type receiver who one he catches a ball can get up field quickly and get yards or a touchdown. His hands are solid and catches most ball throws his way.

Overall Mattingly instantly becomes one of Oregon’s most important recruits in the 2013 class and is yet again a player who will arrive to Eugene with the capabilities of playing multiple spots on defense or offense.

We expect Mattingly to battle for playing time right away at Oregon because of the loss to both Michael Clay and Kiko Alonso and the lack of depth at the linebacker position. Mattingly has the ability to be a pass-rushing linebacker much like Kenny Rowe was as a freshman and Dion Jordan as a sophomore. His ability to get into the backfield with be what gets him on the playing field.

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