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Gordon learns from Global Games

Make no mistake about it Aaron Gordon is very good.

Standing 6-foot-7 the small forward was selected as a rising junior to play in the Nike Global Challenge and was paired with friend and AAU teammate Brandon Ashley.

"Playing up here is great and playing in an event like the Global Challenge is really humbling," said Gordon. "Playing here it helps me realize what an elite player is like and I know I stack up."

Nike selects who they believe are the top 30 high school basketball players in the country and pits them against some of the world's best youth basketball players.

Gordon says however that playing with so many great players also shows him where he needs to get better and that it drives him to do so.

"I know I need to get better and that's what I took from this experience for when I come back next season," explained Gordon. "I need to get stronger, faster, and improve my jumper. I know that from playing here. So this time around I looked at it as a way to see how I stack up so next year when I come as a senior I can try and be the best."

College programs have also been flocking to his games this past AAU season and will certainly fill his high school gym.

"Right now Arizona, Washington, New Mexico, and Kansas really stand out the most to me right now," says Gordon. "A lot of schools are coming at me, Oregon, Stanford, UCLA, Cal, the entire west coast it seems."

Despite having four schools that stand out Gordon says he is still open.

"I like to think if you are interested in me than I need to be honest and give you a look so I am still taking in schools and seeing what each school has to offer. I am a long ways from deciding."

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