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Tedford discusses game vs Ducks

Cal head coach Jeff Tedford spoke on Tuesday afternoon about the struggling Bear's upcoming opponent, Oregon, and his thoughts about the Ducks as well as Cal's own struggles. Here are the notes from that call:

Oregon's skill players have been impressive to Jeff Tedford.

On Oregon's offensive performance against USC last weekend

Unbelievably impressive. Keep you awake at night watching that. They are prolific what they are doing right now. It is amazing on how they are executing, the team speed they have, the way quarterback is playing. There really is no holes. To be able to do that against USC who we all know is talented and athletic was a real eye opener. They're extremely good, extremely fast, and very well coached. It was an impressive show no doubt.

On back-up quarterback Allan Bridgeford and the offense the Bears could use

We will do the same things. Allan has been practicing all year running the same offense each week in case Zach [Maynard] were to go down during the season. We have the same offense. He's a student of the game. He always prepares really well. I have confidence he will be able to go in and handle the offense and be able to go through all the procedures that quarterbacks need to go through.

On Cal's possessions inside 20 against Washington and the struggles the Bears had

We fumbled a couple times down there obviously which wasn't very good. Missed a couple of throws, had a couple guys open and just missed throws. They played hard on defense and we just didn't execute good enough. Missed a field goal as well. We had opportunities to do some things and just didn't execute well enough.

If there was any difference from 2010's 15-13 loss to Oregon and this year's Oregon team

No I think where they have probably improved or playing really well is their offensive line is doing a really nice job. I think their quarterback is playing really efficiently I think he probably a cut above because of his speed because when he pulls it down and runs he's really fast. He's throwing the ball well and not turning the ball over. They are hitting on all cylinders. Their receivers are good players, [Josh] Huff makes big plays. They have so much team speed and Chip does such a great job in knowing what they are doing and has such a great plan. They are just difficult. All the game tape I watch I am looking at the score in the first half now and it's 40 something to nothing or 50 to something to nothing. It's just amazing how fast they can roll up the points.

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