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Oregon basketball schedule

Update on Oregon's entire schedule

The Pac-12 announced their entire Pac-12 television schedule. Only three games were left off: UNLV, Cincinnati/Iowa State, and UTEP. I'd bet the UNLV Tournament gets picked up by someone.

Here is what looks to be Oregon's schedule.

*NOTE: 1 game is listed as TBA as the Ducks are looking for one final game.

11/12 Portland State 6:30 PM P12N

11/16 Vanderbilt 8 PM P12N

11/19 Jacksonville State 8 PM P12N

11/23 @UNLV

11/24 Vs Cincinnati/Iowa State @UNLV

12/1 Arkansas-Pine Bluff 7 PM P12N

12/8 Idaho State 3 PM P12N

12/12 TBD 8 PM P12N

12/15 Nebraska 1:30 PT FSN

12/19 @UTEP

12/22 Houston Baptist 12 PM P12N

12/31 Nevada 4 PM P12N

1/6 @Oregon State 7 PM FSN

1/10 Arizona 6 PM ESPN/ESPN2

1/13 ASU 6 PM P12N

1/17 @USC 8 PM ESPNU

1//19 @UCLA 1 PM CBS

1/23 WSU 6:30 PM P12N

1/26 Washington 4 PM P12N

1/30 @Stanford 8 PM PST ESPN2

2/2 @Cal 1:30 PM FSN

2/7 Colorado 7 PM ESPNU

2/9 Utah 5 PM P12N

2/13 @Washington 8 PM ESPN2

2/16 @WSU 4 PM P12N

2/21 Cal 6 PM ESPNU

2/23 Stanford 5 PM P12N

2/28 Oregon State 8 PM ESPNU

3/7 @Colorado 6 PM ESPNU

3/9 @Utah 11:30 AM P12N


ESPN and the Pac-12 will start a new 12-year agreement for broadcasting Pac-12 basketball games starting in 2012.

ESPN will add men's regular season basketball games to their slate on ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU with games being played on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights. This will also include a new 8 p.m. PST Wednesday evening telecast for their programing of college basketball each week.

Oregon will be on an ESPN station eight times this season including two Wednesday night games:

Thu, Jan. 10 6 PM Arizona at Oregon on ESPN or ESPN2.

Thu, Jan. 17 6 PM Oregon at USC on ESPNU.

Wed, Jan. 30 8 PM Oregon at Stanford on ESPN2.

Thu, Feb. 9 6 PM Colorado at Oregon on ESPNU.

Wed, Feb. 13 6 PM Oregon at Washington on ESPN2.

Thu, Feb. 21 6 PM Cal at Oregon on ESPNU.

Thu, Feb. 28 6 PM Oregon State at Oregon on ESPNU.

Thu, March 7 6 PM Oregon at Colorado on ESPNU.

ESPN will also broadcast quarterfinal #4, Semifinal #2, and the Pac-12 Tournament Championship on ESPN, ESPN2, or ESPNU.

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