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USC issues don't matter to Oregon

Late Wednesday night USC announced on their school website that a student manager had been relieved of his duties for deflating footballs during the game between Oregon and USC last Saturday.

Chip Kelly says the Ducks are focused on Cal and Cal only.

Lane Kiffin and USC officials have said that no member of the USC coaching staff or players from the team played a role in the rogue student manager. Thursday after practice Oregon head coach Chip Kelly said the issue wasn't an issue at all for Oregon.

"My thought on that is real simple, it has nothing to do with us," said Kelly. "We worry about what we can control. We can control our preparation, what is our attitude, what is our effort. What another team does or doesn't do I don't really care but it doesn't effect us. People can do whatever they want. Its not a big deal for us."

Kelly said he has heard the idea of deflating a ball before but hasn't really seen it in practice and is also unclear on what it would do to help a football team win a game.

"I know people say that...I don't's not like...I don't know...maybe...maybe guys with smaller hands but I dont know," said Kelly. "Again it doesn't have anything to do with us so it's not a concern. It's not one thing or the other."

Each college team uses their own balls and that USC's deflated footballs were not used by Oregon last Saturday.

As for Oregon's prep work for this week's game against Cal Kelly says he's been pleased with the preparation so far.

"It was good," Kelly said of Oregon's week of practice. "Our kids understand our method for success is how we prepare. I haven't seen the let up at any point so far. I think they see the coloration with our play on Saturday. We got a good group, not a lot of leaders or older guys I should say but it has been good so far. "

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