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Oregon playbook is fully installed

Long-time Oregon running back Gary Campbell is back to working with Oregon's football program after the death of his son Bryan.

Oregon returned to the practice field Tuesday for just one practice during the day, but the Oregon coaching staff and players got a chance to hit the field with Oregon running back coach Gary Campbell for the first time in a few days.

Campbell has returned to the Oregon football program after the death of his son Bryan late last week and Oregon head coach Mark Helfrich says having the coach back in any capacity is great to have, “It is awesome, just awesome to have him around. The guys is an icon in so many ways. It is just amazing in his strength and smile is as big and proud as it ever was.”

As for the work on the field Helfrich said the Ducks once again worked a lot on situational drills as the team hammers home any final notes on the playbook for the 2013 season. “We worked on again situational stuff. Red zone today, some 7-on-7 different coverage situations... to kind of service each other on offense and defense, we did a third and long period in 7-on-7.”

Helfrich says this is the week where Oregon’s coaching staff finds out which players are mentally ready for the rigors of a season and which players might need some more time with the scout team before seeing heavy action. He also noted that for the most part the entire playbook has been installed offensively and defensively and typically you start to see separation.

“You find out where everybody is mentally. This is at the point almost everything is in on both sides of the ball, and that stacks up on some guys,” says Helfrich. “When you are running a play you aren’t 100 percent confident in yourself against a defense you’ve never run it against there is usually some kind of separation, but our young guys are battling that pretty well.”

Helfrich has been asked time and time again about the status of Oregon’s freshmen and how they stack up with the rest of the team and on Tuesday Helfrich singled out freshman tight end Johnny Mundt as well as all three freshmen linebackers, “Johnny Mundt has been really solid. All the linebackers have practiced really well at times and now they just need to put it all together.”

On a lighter note Helfrich was asked about Oregon’s approach to practice and if they are all business or if like Oregon State just north a few miles the Ducks like to have any fun during practice. Helfrich joked the Ducks are a no-fun zone with media Tuesday, “We don’t allow fun. We talked about that, we don’t have fun, at any point.”

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