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Ducks hit Autzen for walk-through

Oregon held their pregame walk-through for Saturday's Pac-12 contest against Cal Thursday morning inside Autzen Stadium.

Weather reports say 2.5 to 3 inches of rain is expected to hit Saturday night in Eugene, but on Thursday the Ducks got their workout under the blue sunny skies of Eugene.

"It is our normal Thursday. We're basically, no Sweat Thursday, shut everything down physically," said Oregon head coach Mark Helfrich. "Just a mental day, recognition, communication, technique, first step, and just try and recover for Saturday."

Thursdays are a big mental day for Oregon where they do a lot of teaching and final installment for their game that week. Oregon slows their practices way down to allow players to fully comprehend what is going on and make sure everything is locked in and understood.

Thursday Helfrich discussed the Cal Bear's defense and their inability to prevent big plays from happening. In the first three games of the year Cal's defense has allowed 126 points or 42 points a game.

"The teams they've played is the first thing," Helfrich said of what he believes is the reason behind Cal's struggles. "They've had some guys injured in and out. You don't sit there and turn on the film and say you can gash them here or there."

The Bears have also had to replace multiple starters along all three levels of their defense as well as deal with injuries and Helfrich says that's another big issue for them, "They've lost a lot of those guys and have some guys dinged up."

With the game kicking off around 7:30 PM Oregon's coaches and players will have a lot of waiting on Saturday than they normally would have had. Helfrich says the coaching staff will present a few options for players and coaches to help keep their minds off the game yet keep the focus.

"We'll manage a little bit differently," says Helfrich. "We will be here. We'll have movies or watching games, some rest and relaxation time....Stay focused, but at the same time relaxed."

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