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Oregon truly is on the bubble

Sitting at 19-8 and a tie for fourth in the Pac-12 the Oregon Ducks still have some work to do to get into the NCAA Tournament. A win last week against Cal would have maybe put them over the hump or at the very least made it much easier and less stressful for the Ducks to get into the big dance.

Instead a victory snatched from them by Cal left the Ducks wondering what if about their chances of getting into the NCAA's.

However Oregon's also had a few solid wins as of late to help boost their image.

A 25-point blowout win over 1st-place Washington will do wonders for Oregon late. A road win against a gritty Stanford team who still has a sliver of hope of their own to get into the NCAAs will also help.

But the Ducks must finish strong in order to get into the dance. In reality Oregon already is playing their 'win or go home' season.

Games at Oregon State and at home against Colorado and Utah should give Oregon two more chances to add solid victories to their list.

A loss however will cost them dearly and likely knock them out of the NCAA Tournament picture barring a Pac-12 title run in the league's tournament.

Oregon currently sits 55th in the official RPI this week. A 12-spot jump from 67th last week. A win on the road at Oregon State could launch Oregon into the top-50 as well heading into the final week of the season.

Sporting News and ESPN both have Oregon out of the NCAA Tournament but listed as one of the last teams left out of the Tournament.

ESPN's Joe Lundardi even has three Pac-12 teams slotted in his latest projections including no teams being in the 'Last four in' group which leads to the chance Oregon could give the Pac-12 four teams should they win their remaining three games of the regular season and maybe one or two in the Pac-12 tournament.

ESPN's Jay Bilas however has a different feel for the Ducks.

In Bilas' top-68 team article released earlier this week he calls the Ducks team 'better than they are rated (No. 64th) but will have to win the Pac-12 Tournament to make the NCAA Tournament.

Still the Ducks are on the minds of the media and the NCAA Selection Committee.

But like it's been said in the past few weeks Oregon just needs to continue to keep winning and they will find themselves in. If not the NIT is the likely destination for Oregon.

For me, I feel like 23 wins should get Oregon into the Tournament and 24 wins will leave no questions left unanswered about Oregon. Now Oregon could make it really easy and just win the Pac-12 Tournament but I still feel like wins at Oregon State, vs Colorado, and then a win or two in the Pac-12 Tournament will build Oregon's resume up to withstand the final cuts of the NCAA Tournament.

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