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Peters Has Huskies on Top

When Oklahoma decided to make a coaching change following this past college basketball season 2012 Oklahoma commit Richard Peters from Westwind Prep International felt he needed to open things back up.

“It just didn’t feel right and I wanted to see what else was out there for me,” said Peters.

One new option that presented itself was the option of moving into the 2011 class and signing with a college in the spring.

“I recently took my ACT test and am now waiting to hear back on my test results,” said the 6-foot-9 240 pound center. “If my scores are high enough I can qualify for the 2011 class. If it comes back good enough I’ll then have to sit down and decide if I want to go in with the 2011 or 2012 class.”

Peters has seen plenty of college programs come into Phoenix, AZ to check on him during workouts the past few weeks and has seen his offer count rise.

“I have offers from Alabama, Arizona, Auburn, Georgia, Gonzaga, Indiana, Marquette, Minnesota, Oregon State, Seton Hall, Washington, and Washington State to just name a few,” says Peters. “Washington, Arizona, Auburn, Gonzaga, Minnesota, Oregon State, and Washington State were some of the schools who came by recently to watch me workout. So many came by I know I am forgetting some.”

Peters says however a new school has rose to the top and is his favorite college.

“Right now I have Washington has my favorite school because I have known the coaching staff there for a really long time and they are coming at me really hard right now,” explained Peters.

Washington along with most other colleges are giving Peters the option of coming in the 2011 or 2012 classes.

“Washington says they’d really like to get me up there now but said they want me either way and that 2012 is ok if I don’t get my scores up enough,” said Peters.

A decision for Peters will come after knowing his test scores and if he qualifies for the 2011 class.

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