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Quotes: Mark Helfrich post game

Quotes from Oregon head coach Mark Helfrich provided by Colorado Athletics

Oregon head coach Mark Helfrich said the Ducks were just okay on Saturday.

“Weird, kind of up and down, obviously didn’t get off to a great start in any phase and that’s on me. But I liked the way we rallied; I thought our defense played with a lot more urgency in the second half. We have a ton of room for improvement.”

On Colorado’s Game Plan
“They did a great job starting out with the onside kick, double moves and the reverse pass, we need to prepare a little bit better and execute a little bit better.”

On Holding Colorado To Field Goals
“We did. I think we did a good job of holding them to field goals there in the first half and matching them with touchdowns. In the second half our defense played with much more energy.”

On Oregon’s Defense
“We challenged the defense at halftime. We didn’t play our way in the first half, that’s my fault. I don’t know if it’s the altitude or something else but whatever that may have been we responded well and that’s important.”

On Oregon’s Wide Receivers
“Those guys are studs. Absolute warrior type guys, they love to play football. We have a physical group of playmakers that love to play football.”

On Not Running Up The Score
“I didn’t really think about mercy. That’s a good program, a proud program. We’re not in the embarrassment business. We’re not in the statistic business and we don’t think about individual awards; that’s not our deal. We just wanted to get in a rhythm offensively.”

On Oregon’s First-Half Defensive Struggles
“It was pretty simple, I just didn’t think we were playing up to our normal level, our frenzied level of attacking and tackling and finishing, we were up and down a little bit but they really finished strong.”

On Holding Colorado To Field Goals
“Huge, they did a great job with that. If you hold the end result to a field goal you limit the bleeding.”

On Colorado WR Paul Richardson
“We played a little bit better as the day went on, but that guy, wow, a couple of the one handed catches. That guy’s impressive; a very good football player.”

On Oregon
“We’re 5-0, that’s our best statistic, and we haven’t played remotely to what we can in any phase in any game so that’s encouraging. The guys we have on this team are excited to get better, excited to come to work and get better on Monday.”

On Not Playing In Any Close Games This Season
“Not really, I think you can respond to adversity on Tuesday at practice. Our guys have a lot of things going on right now with class and all the things that go on, and whatever it is guys have to focus and be dialed in regardless of the conditions. If we can arrange for however many games we’re going to play and they’re all like this we’ll take this.”

On Marcus Mariota Not Having Experience With Pressure
“I think every time you step on the field is a high pressure situation. I think 1st-and-10 on the 20 in the first quarter is a high pressure situation. And certainly for a guy like that (Marcus Mariota) has an incredibly high expectation for himself everything is a pressure situation. We like to talk about preparation and limiting pressure, if we prepare great and take care of our end of the process the other stuff happens.”

On Oregon QB Marcus Mariota
“Marcus is a stud. He’s such a great person first and foremost and he’s, by the way, an incredible football player. The stuff he does in practice we look at each other and shake our heads, and that shows up in games. And that’s the unique thing about him, De’Anthony (Thomas) and some of our best defensive players: They’re not good practice players but great practice players.”

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