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Oregon at USC Quotes

Quotes are provided by USC247"s Chris Swanson

Dana Altman is 60-30 in his first 90 games at Oregon.

Oregon Head Coach Dana Altman

Winning at the buzzer: “We didn’t mean to do that. I give USC credit for their defense. Offensively, we didn’t get the shots we didn’t get the shots we wanted, but we had a ten point lead there. We fouled twice, put them on the line for three, then they got an easy transition basket for three. They scored nine very easy points right there, which I was disappointed in. But, we found a way to win. Sometimes, you have to do that. I don’t think we were sharp all night, especially when we had a ten point lead,. I guess I relaxed. Our offensive got way too conservative. When we took time, everybody kind of stood up and relaxed and we didn’t execute the play at the end of the shot clock at all.”

On EJ Singler: “He did have some nice shots, he a couple of threes, and drove to the lane a couple of times. He shot 52% in the second half and was able to stand up in the ball game. Defensively, we didn’t get the stops that we needed.”
If he was surprised that it was so close: “...I wasn’t surprised at all. If you saw their last game, they beat Utah on the road by 17 points. I told the guys that we were going to have a fight. We were fortunate that they didn’t shoot as well tonight as they did in Utah.”

USC's Omar Oraby
Playing with Arsalan Kazemi again: “It felt weird because I had been playing with him for three years. I’m used to him being on my team, so it was strange seeing him out there for a different team in a different jersey.”
If they talked this week about the game: “Yes, we talk all the time, but we didn’t talk about the game.”

USC's J.T. Terrell

Him and Ari Stewart playing against former teammate Tony Woods: “It was fun. It was a lot of laughter before the game. All of us our really close.”
Tony Woods and Dewayne Dedmond getting heated on the court: “Big men are going to be big men.”

USC's Bob Cantu

Physical play of Oregon: “They’re a very physical team that rebounds the ball well. They made a lot of physical plays, but you have to match that. We’re big and strong. We have to be physical and take it to them. I thought we matched up pretty well with them. They have Kazemi, who they got in a similar as Omar (Oraby). He came out of Rice as the top three or four rebounder in the nation. they have him coming off the bench. He’s really physical. Like I said, Dana’s a great coach. They have great players and they do a great job there.”

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