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Pick One: Oregon State

DuckTerritory will begin a new discussion piece where we examine current commit classes of other Pac-12 teams and decide which one recruit Oregon would like to have.

Villamin has the size at WR to be a match-up nightmare.

Being as this is our kickoff discussion piece, we wanted to pick a school that doesn't have a high number of Oregon targets, but is always of interest to Duck fans.

The Beavers of Oregon State.

Like the Ducks, Mike Riley has done a pretty remarkable job of finding and developing player talent in Corvallis. They have found success in California, Texas and the state of Oregon in year's past.

This year Oregon State has 15 football commits currently with one player already signed, JUCO corner Steven Nelson. As I look down the list it's another grouping of three-star talent that has been relatively overlooked by most colleges.

The easy pick here would be highly rated, four-star cornerback Steven Nelson. And while Nelson is a talented individual, adding a junior college corner to Oregon's current class and situation doesn't make much sense given the youth at that position.

DuckTerritory Pick

Jordan Villamin - -WR -- Etiwanda HS (Calif.)

After watching his film and hearing the reports of the Cal-State game this past week, Villamin is incredibly difficult to match up with. He's got a solid frame at 6-foot-5, 210-pounds which is a load for smaller DB's. He's much too quick for linebackers, but doesn't possess break away speed by any means.

His height and leaping ability lead to a lot of "Lob City" pass plays. In the Red Zone he's a quarterbacks best friend.

After watching his film he needs to refine his routes, but most high school receivers need to work on their breaks regardless.

Either way this could be a player in the future the Ducks would not only wish they had, but didn't have to defend. Oregon has found success out wide with current receivers Markus Wheaton and Brandin Cooks. Both had ties to Oregon and could have easily ended up Ducks in the right situation.

Villamin Highlight film

Full link to Oregon State commit list

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