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Expansion or Contraction? How could it affect the Ducks?

  • cfbmatrix

    Depends on your point of view on the issue, but here is a different angle of mega conference consolidation. Link to article:

    Personally not a fan and think it would hurt Oregon (and PAC NW) more than help.

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  • Very interesting spin on conference expansion. It convinced me that we do not want Texas in the Pac ??, especially if special concessions are required due to the Longhorn Network. The idea of a sixteen team conference with Oregon in the division with the original PAC 8, though, is very attractive.

  • I think the little guys that will be hurt in expansion will be the non-AQ teams not the Washington States of the world. The PAC, B1G, and SEC have equal revenue sharing, which is incredible for the little guys in the big conferences. Teams that have been marginalized include Iowa St., Kansas, Kansas St., and Baylor. What do these teams have in common? They are in the Big XII, which does not have equal revenue sharing.

    If there are 4 big conferences when things shake out then conferences may expand the number of conference games. We would also likely end up with a play off, which means that having an increased conference schedule (making a loss more likely) is no longer important.

    Check out what Ted Miller, the ESPN PAC-12 blogger, said about the issue in this week's mail bag (2 and 3 question):

    One thing I haven't seen disscussed is what if some where down the road the super conferences expirienced contraction? This is a huge what if. It would be unlikely due to the huge TV contracts, would teams really walk away from 20-40 million dollars for uncertainty. The worry I would have is that USC, Texas, and Oklahoma might band together taking UCLA, TxTech, and OK St. to form a new conference. These teams would fill out the conference with say Notre Dame plus and some players to be named later. This conference would obviously be very lucrative. I think that is very unlikely but who knows what the future holds.

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