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I was looking at the Louisville board

  • There isnt really too much mention of us, just who is gonna be the tougher matchup for them Duke or Mich St. I saw one prediction of them by 14. I really hope their players are overlooking just like the fanbase is.

  • Let 'em talk that smack about how they'll perform when they face a 'real' team. Let 'em overlook our fire. Let 'em think they got it easy...

    Then let 'em get turned inside out by the hottest team in the land- MIGHTY OREGON, BABY!!!doubleshake

  • Yeah it's getting bad, I havent seen one positive thing said about our team. Im actually im happy im not gonna be at the game, I can tell i wouldnt wana deal with these a-holes.

  • I've been talking with them over on their board. The majority of them are complete dicks. I've been pretty nice and cheeky, and they're very arrogant and insulting.

    I know they have a number 1 seed....but I'm not impressed.


  • We'll see if the team is arrogant like that. I doubt they will be. After losing 3 straight and falling behind by double digits to Syracuse at halftime, they say that they know they are very beatable and have been humbled.
    Still, they have shown a susceptibility to overlook teams at times.

    Conditions are prime for the upset.

    I may be a Homer, but name a team that is playing better than Oregon right now.

    I believe in this team.

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  • Louisville ;)

    Looking forward to the game. Were not all dicks. Good luck guys/gals and enjoy your time here if youre making the trip. Youll find our fans are pretty easy to deal with. You will also find that we follow the team passionately. With this game so close to home your looking at 25k UL fans in the house at a minimum. We love our hoops round here!

  • In their defense (sort of), we would probably do the same if this was a football game.

  • Dose Louisvilles players think that? Or just there fans?

  • Well obviously if one guy on the internet said it then it automatically means their entire program feels the same. Duh!

  • We would be up on them three TDs before halftime in football...let them dream.

  • Adidas schools lulz...not worth my time

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  • Acording to them, the PAC 12 is the worst and UO hasn't ever done crap in football lol. They really have their heads in the sand in Kentucky.

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  • Do you like hyperbole that much? I just looked at what they said and you responded to 'I don't think they'd beat us in football either. It would be a hell of a game.' That sounds awfully familiar, like, I don't know, what our fans are saying about the basketball game? They're a much better basketball school and our fans think we have a chance. We're a much better football school and their fans think they have a chance. Shocker. All I saw was Oregon fans being insecure on their board. They're a double digit favorite and are acting no more cocky than we do when the situation is reversed. Crazy how that works.

  • Eh, I like being the underdog. Louisville better not sleep on this Duck team. We can put up bunches in a blink of an eye. Let them hate. We'll be playing with a big chip on our shoulder while they probably feel they'll come in and blow us out. It only benefits us if they are already looking ahead to the Elite 8.

    A team doesn't make it to the sweet 16 by luck. Our boys are talented, hardworking, bright and extremely well coached. Like I said before, we have to be extremely disciplined and we can't take any minutes off. Four quarters of hard nose ball. We have to punch them in the mouth early and kick them while they're down.

    Kazemi has to have another 15-20 rebound night and it can't just be him. Woods needs to play tough and get his boards as well. And Woods can't play soft under the rim. No pussy footing around with missed open layups. Go strong bud and dunk it down their throats. No mercy. Bonzaiiii!!!! We have to own Siva like we owned Smart.

    We need them to play our game not the other way around. Artis needs to turn it on. He can't be quiet anymore. He needs to put up points and more importantly he has to draw defenders to him. Dotson and Emory need to continue to play the way they've been playing. We need to hit threes all day. We need all of our kids to play with purpose.

    As for football. Lmao!!! We would own them on the field and anyone who lives in reality knows this. We'd put 50 up on their D and then let our backups get some garbage time. They have one decent year and all of the sudden they're a powerhouse? Lol. That's too funny. Good luck to them after Bridgewater leaves for the NFL after next season.

  • Them being confident in a victory that they're highly favored in on their own board isn't arrogant trash talk. The couple of fans that have come here have been confident, gave an honest analysis as they see it, but still been respectful. You came here and said that they were talking about how they would smash us in football when in reality all that was said is that it would be a good game. I can't think of a better definition of hyperbole.

  • Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you know anything about Pitino they never overlook teams. He doesn't coach that and has nothing but good things to say about every team he plays. Keep checking up on what he has to say about the Ducks....I guarantee it will be positive.

    Good luck on Friday! Looking forward to a great game! :)

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  • I'm a Louisville fan in Indy who has an Oregon grad/fan as a roommate, so I find myself cheering for you guys if you're not playing UofL. I definitely feel you all were WAY under seeded. Oregon and Louisville are the two hottest teams in the nation. Most Louisville fans remember 2009 when Michigan State took us out in the elite 8 when we were the #1 overall seed. We all felt pretty good then only to have the carpet pulled out from under us.

    One question I have for you guys is how do you feel about your guards will hold up? I guess I feel that is where the Cards have the advantage here, and am interested to see how you think the freshman guards will hold up against the press. I look forward to Friday. Good luck and Go Cards!

  • I think the press is going to be a problem for us. I think our backup PG will get alot of time breaking the press. He is small but super quick and does a decent job breaking the press.

    We have some good ball handlers over all on the team. Kazemi and Singler can both handle it and bring it up if needed but we make alot of sloppy passes which against a press is going to be a killer.

  • I actually favor oregons defense vs Louisville's offense. Louisville will have a tough time getting buckets if oregon turns them into a half court team,which they did to ok state. Altman will come up with a great game plan to exploit Louisville's weaknesses but the players need to execute. If oregon can keep shooting the way the have been, then Louisville will be in trouble since they struggle defending the 3 ball. I think this will be a great chess match between coaches and Altman will be ready for the challenge.

    Edit: also im not too worried about the to's as long as we limit the fastbreak points. Oregon forces a lot of to's as well so this stat could be a wash.

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  • they should be confident there the number one team in the nation..... Thousands of people have been Winning the whole thing..... I do think ducks will be there toughest challenge but it's still going to be hard to overcome Louisville in this game....

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  • Louisville will be amped to make the Ducks go quietly away early with their swarming press on defense. I see this as an advantage. You know Dana Altman will absolute drill the s*** outta ball-handling the next few days, especially in trap situations. Where we excel is in motion away from the ball and in shiftiness in our back-court. If we are able to withstand their scheme early on, the pressure will increase for Pitino's crew -who no doubt are grade-A BALLERS- but just like any team with the weight of expectation, there can mount more than a little frustration if we negate their biggest defnsive weapon. This frustration can lead to foul trouble or breakaway points once the trap is broken, and Oregon is pretty flocking deadly running right at a team in the open floor.

    If we can hold steady, spread the ball around and avoid our own turnovers the first ten minutes of gametime, Oregon will be in the thick of the battle for the entire game. Louisville's best is indeed vicious, but Oregon's is nastily potent too.

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  • Message board arrogance kinda propagates on every single home team message board. If you go to someone else's board expecting your rear to be kissed, you're likely to be disappointed. I don't expect a red carpet, but enjoy good conversation and banter among fans of any school (except UK).

    Yes, part of the belief from our fan base that we'd breeze in the game is that there hasn't been a single Pac-10(12) team that has had a final four berth in the last 4 years, while we've played (and beaten) many of the Elite 8 and beyond teams in those seasons as well.

    In a one-game format, does that stuff mean anything? Probably not, but combine that with your ridiculously poor seeding (I thought you should have been a 6-7 seed at worst), and you have the formula for being overlooked (by some fans). Our team most certainly does not overlook opponents. Our 3 losses in a row came all against NCAA tourney teams, and a head-spinning 5 OT game at Notre Dame, where few visiting teams come out with victories.

    I honestly haven't seen much of Oregon play this year, but do remember back in the day watching a great team led by Aaron Brooks and have respect for the Ducks program, but quite frankly, Pac 12 basketball just isn't shown that much out East, either by ESPN design, or because of cable packages - so we don't see a lot of your games that often.

    Another aspect of this perceived arrogance is the ribbing of our archrival Kentucky, who pretty much gets in the ear of all of our fans after winning the title last year and with their recruiting class bought and paid for next year, it puts the pressure on our fans to expect a title this year to at least shut them up. If you don't understand the UK-UL rivalry, it's hard to say you understand the game of basketball, as it and Duke-UNC are about as nasty as it gets. I know you and OSU have a pretty intense football rivalry, so think about it in those terms.

    Looking at the stats, Oregon seems to be a formidable opponent, and I'm really looking forward to the matchup. I hope you guys bring a good showing to Indianapolis, as it's only a 2 hour drive for most of our fans (I'm in Florida, so I'm only able to make the trek to Atlanta if we make it that far). You'll find that if you interact with any of our fans at the game, that they will be glad to share a beer and conversation with you. I know I would enjoy getting some perspective from the west coast schools simply because it isn't shoved down our throats like Duke, Kentucky and UNC are.

    The thrashing of St Louis surprised me a little bit, but beating Oklahoma State wasn't a complete shocker. Smart really is their only strong player, and a Freshman. Stop him, you stop them. You guys play 8-9 players from what I see, but how strong is that depth? Can you describe your bench play and how you typically substitute? We know about Tony Woods because he contacted Pitino about coming to Louisville last off-season. I picked you guys to meet us in this game in my bracket.

    When we get beat in the tourney in years past, it's typically by some unknown kid who goes off from 3-point range. Do you guys have anyone that fits that criteria?

    Looking forward to Friday, and best of luck to the ducks.

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  • Thanks for that reply Money. Are you typically a man defense, or do you mix in zone as well? We tend to be zone first in our half court defense, and it's likely the weakest part of our overall defense, which is why I mentioned that if you've got someone shooting lights out from 3 point range, that would hurt us big time.

    One major difference of press breaking that other visiting team fans have mentioned to us is that it's not a typical hardcore full-court man-to-man press on every made basket. The style of press is somewhat unique, and I can't really even describe it well enough to do it justice. Simply having fast players won't cut a press that isn't man based, they also need to be good decision-makers, and have passing lanes to move the ball past the half court line.

    Can you tell me about your games against Cincinnati and Arizona? I have seen Arizona a couple of times, one at home beating a Florida team that simply chokes in close games (0-6 in games decided by 6 or less), and then the last game against Harvard, which didn't really show me anything, since they outmatched Harvard. I know Cincy from our conference and they're also a secondary rival of ours (90 miles from us).

  • If Dotson continues his hot shooting from three from the past games, 16-30 I believe behind the arc, he'll be the guy to make thing tough for you guys.

    Like MBG said though, Emory/Singler/Artis can play that role as well but recently it's been Dotson. Emory kind of went off against Oklahoma St and he's very capable of racking up 7-12 in flurry points coming off the bench.

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  • Cincinnati was our 7th game of the season, team was still gelling. There was 3 new (Artis, Dotson, Kazemi) guys inserted into the starting lineup as well as having 2 guys (Woods, Carter) off the bench being new guys. The game was much closer than the 11 point deficit the score shows. IIRC, 5-6 of those points came off of last second FT from Oregon intentional fouling.

    The Arizona game we played extremely well except for the last 4-5 minutes in which Arizona made a run and were able to pull within 4 points. If it wasn't for Altman playing slow ball since like the 10 minute mark (which he did in multiple games and allowed teams to creep back in) in the second half I don't think that game would've been as close as it was.

    I think you guys will have trouble with Kazemi, dude is so relentless on the boards and does all the dirty work. He's shut down every player he's defended against. I think he can shut down Behanan or Dieng if he gives Woods problems. The Cards advantage will depend on whether Smith (he's been lights out its crazy) and Siva can do work on our guards which can certainly happen but Artis and Dotson can play very good defense as well as Loyd when he comes in.

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  • I don't disagree with you that it's going to likely come down to guard play that decides this game. Our team doesn't really rely on any one scorer (although Russ Smith tends to "get his"). Dieng or Behanan aren't really major focal points of the offense, so while their points would certainly be welcome, shutting them down doesn't exactly gain a team an advantage, unless Kazemi can get offensive rebounds over Dieng. That would be a huge issue as we rely on Dieng to be a primary rebounder on the defensive glass, although we can also bring in Stephen Van Treese who could match up pretty well if Behanan is struggling to rebound over Woods and Kazemi.

    Now that your team has gelled, what are its strong suits? As our fans have mentioned, Pitino is typically brilliant at shutting down the team's #1 option, and his undefeated record in Sweet 16 games is another testament to the prep work they do during this week. If both defenses dominate, that's going to make for a particularly ugly game (although the Kansas-UNC game probably still wins as the ugliest game of the tournament so far).

    The teams that we struggle the most against (and the teams that have beat us this season, Duke, ND, Syracuse, G-town) are the ones who have upper-classmen in the backcourt who play intelligent basketball, strong with the ball and don't turn it over (G-town and ND both are ranked rather high in fewest TO's per game).

    The one team this season who tried to run with us and tried to break our pressure with speedy guards was Missouri, and we handled them by 23 and Pressey turned the ball over 8 or 9 times alone. 4 of our 5 losses were by a combined 12 points, so other than the Villanova game where the entire team had brain farts (we only lost by 9, and were even within 4 points there until the last 3 minutes or so) we've been in every single game.

    Right now, Vegas shows Louisville at -10 and Jeff Sagarin has it at -11, so a fan prediction of 14 points isn't really that far off. Personally, I am not going to make a prediction, as I honestly don't know enough about your team and don't think it's fair to do so without at least watching you play 3-4 times.

    There's no doubt Altman will have the Ducks ready. I am looking forward to watching your team play and here's to an interesting and competitive game. Cheers.

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