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OT:Goodell talking about no more kickoffs

  • "Goodell and McKay discussed an idea brought up by Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano in which a team, instead of kicking off, would get the ball at its own 30-yard line in a fourth-and-15 situation. The team then would punt the ball away or, to replace an onside kick, could go for it and, if they failed to get a first down, the opposing squad would start with great field position."

    I understand why he's doing this, with the NFL being sued by ex-players and what not, but this could be the beginning of the end with football. At least with the way we grew up with it anyways.

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  • I actually love this idea and think it would bring a lot of entertainment to the game. Think about it from a Duck perspective... if we score with two minutes left and are down 7 what would you rather see on the field.... Rob Beard trying to get a perfect bounce, or Mariota and the boys facing a 4th and 15.

    I think this change would be really exciting and entertaining. Plus, we'd probably see more returns as I think tehre are less fair catches on punts then there are touchbacks on kickoffs. And it would help the injury situation because instead of 22 guys sprinting 40 yards before colliding most guys would be engaged right at the outset of the play and build up less momentum for collisions.

    I'm all for it!

  • To reduce the number of player collisions maybe we put Schiano at the 50 and the coverage team at the 20... he has to get to the end zone before they gang tackle his him he wins...

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  • They should get rid of kickers all together. Force teams to go to 2 point conversions. While they're at it they should get rid of tackling as well. Flag football seems like a good alternative.

    These guys get paid good money to take risks. People dream to play in the NFL despite knowing them. The rest of us have to get regular jobs for getting paid nothing compared.

  • yea and the next thing they will outlaw are receivers leaving the ground to catch a ball. That seems far more dangerous than kick-offs..

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  • I would be interested to know the science behind differentiating between punts and kickoffs to that degree. To make such a major change, they must REALLY think that kickoffs are terrible. I guess you have 10 (or 10.5) dudes running full speed in one direction, while on a punt they start from a still position... does that make that big of a difference?

    If it does: the change seems reasonable. With modern science giving us expectations for longer lives and the capability to detect why we're dying (if not always the ability to stave off the malady) and with our court system giving a platform for incredible monetary judgments, professional football needs to protect itself (along with its players).

    My initial reaction to this thread was, "Let's just change football into a field goal kicking contest!" but the solution doesn't seem to be a terrible change if kickoffs are really that bad. Dramatic, but not terrible.

  • This is totally the beginning of the end. Before you know it D players won't be able to cross to a different section of the field to cover a man or they will eliminate the safety position all together. It's this context that most players get concussed again due to the mutual speed one man is going and the other making a football play that usually in catching involves your attention catching the most important thing the ball. I also think we are going to reach a place where the rush end is not allowed to come across the field the long way and attack QBs - it's sad. Back in the day you could leave your feet at full speed and block above the waist or at the knees. Maybe they need to look at technology how can they make shoulder pads act less like a concret wall at impact? How can we make aspects of the helmet at impact zones even stronger. Those concussion helmets need to be maditory ... Lets start with these aspects before we start to legislate out some of the most exciting plays in the game. - goducks!

  • I really respect Godell changing alot of things up for safety reasons and watching out for players well beings and health, but it almost seems like his power is going to his head a bit and trying to be too much of a revolutionary and pioneer. I mean come on!!! No kicksoffs? That's ridiculous. This is football for Christs sake.

    The players know exactly what they're getting into and they get paid obscene amounts of money to do so. It's football, not flag football. If these guys are worried about dimensia or other head disorders or any physical aliments that could come with playing the game, they have the choice to turn down millions a year to not risk it. Godell doesn't have to make that decision for them.