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Some more individual stats and info....

  • Earlier today I posted Mariotas stats had he played full games for the season so I decided to do it for three of our other favorite Ducks. Barner, DAT and Huff.

    Kenjon Barner:


    Att/yds: 372/2436 yds
    Yards per att: 6.5 yds
    Long: 86 yd
    TD's: 32 tds

    Unfirtunately, I didn't get around to his reception yards, but I'll add them on some time later today. He already had impressive stats. Had he played full four quarter games this is a good idea of what his numbers would've been. Heismen and Doak Walker numbers for sure.

    Deanthony Thomas:


    Rec/yds: 62/578 yds
    Yds per rec: 9.4 yds
    TD's: 17 tds


    Att/yds: 135/1029 yds
    Yds per carry: 7.6 yds
    TD's: 7tds


    Kick ret/yds: 21/ 404yds
    Yds per ret: 19.2 yrds
    TD's: 0

    Punt ret/yds: 20/333 yds
    Yds per ret: 16.7 yds
    TD's: 2

    Total Yards: 2344 yds

    While DAT had a bit of a more quiet season he was still very effective. Had he had four quarters of playing time each game he would've broken 1000 yards rushing as a backup RB which is no easy feat. His reception yards were down, but so were his receptions so that makes sense.

    As for ST he had significant drop off mainly due to opposing teams not kicking him the ball. But an estimated 2344 all purpose yards and 26 tds is still an impressive season imo. These stats are for if he played full games of course, but my process was very precise and about as accurate as I could get.

    I forsee DAT having his best season of his collegiate career next season. He will be our #1 RB, but still be used in the Tazer roll quietly and get more receptions then your average RB. A true All Purpose Back.

    I expect him to have his carries increased to 15-20 per game where Marshall, Tyner and Wilson will split 10-20 between the three of them with Marshall seeing the bulk of runs behind DAT. I see DAT probably getting around the same amount of receptions he did this year which was not many per game. About an average of 3-5 per game is what to expect from him next season.

    I see Wilson getting around 3-5 receptions as well per game. I also think we will not see DAT returning as many kicks/punts if any next season because our return game is not effective when the return man is not even given the chance to run it back. I expect to see Wilson, Addison, Lowe and Tyner being our return guys next season.

    I think Wilson will be dangerous returning the ball and I think Tyner could be extremely lethal returning the rock. Imagine a 6'0", 210 lbs athletic freak of nature with sub 4.4 speed with full steam returning the ball. Translation=highlight reel.

    Josh Huff:

    Rec/yds: 44/701 yds
    Yds per rec: 16 yds
    Long: 70 yds
    TD's: 5

    It's not hard to see that Huff needs more looks. 16 yds per reception is what we need more of. Huff proved why he is our #1 WR and hopefully he returns for his senior year(which I think he will) and he gets more looks because he's a proven big time playmaker.

    I want to see Huff break 1000 yards next season which is very possible with his touches increasing. I say spread it his way more often. I think Josh will make for a good WR in the NFL and I'm hoping more touches next season will give him the recognition he'll need to be noticed by scouts.

    I would do stats for Lyerla, but I'll wait until he is utilized more in our offense next year. I'm really hoping that Colt is used more next year. Talent, athleticism and the skillset he posseses should be taking advantage of more often by Chip and Helf. The dude is just fun to watch too.

    I love his physicality. He doesn't shy away from contact at all. He actually invites it. He is also superb at gaining yards after contact. I'm not sure why we stopped using him as a powerback like we did early in the season. He was highly effective, but with Marshall and Tyner we should have enough power in the backfield to weaken opposing DLines, but I still think running Bane on 3rd and 4th and short is key and also in goaline stances. If not running him, using him as a traditiinal fullback for one of RB's to follow in.

    Where we need to see Colt the most is throws over the middle and redzone passes. He's showed on several occassions that he's a key component to making freakish catches in the redzone and big, long first down throws. I think Bane needs to be targeted 5-10 times per game.

    If he is only going to get two to three looks per game I think he should seriously be considered playing on the defensive side of the ball full time and then brought in for specific plays on offense. He only had 21 receptions all season. That's not enough imo. Paulson had 32 receptions his senior year so I hope Colt gets that many looks at least in the future.

    He really does have the type of talent to be a Gronk/Hernandez/Gonzales type of TE. He's that good imo. He could easily be a future late first rounder/early second rounder in the draft in a couple years, but
    like Huff he'll need more recognition.

    I am going to do the estimated annual stats for certain defensive players as well. So expect to see a thread on our D players as well.

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  • Thanks KOD. I know you catch some grief on here at times because of the length of your posts and the emotion that you display at times. But I want you to know that many of us really appreciate the thoroughness of the research that you do with regards to psa's and with projects such as this as well. I think you have the zeal for recruiting, in terms of watching videos and patrolling every imaginable site, that most of us wish we had the time for.

    I don't have the time to research every 2014 psa. But I still like to be informed. So I'm glad that you do what you do, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    Much love!

  • Grassy ass senor. Seriously, though I appreciate the love bro. As I was telling Jriv, some people prefer to read cliff notes while others enjoy to read the whole novel. I'm more of a novel kind of guy. I guess I'm a nerd. Lol. Good looking out brother.