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Chip Kelly following Wed. Practice

Chip Kelly meeting with the media following Wednesday's practice as the Ducks prepare for their home opening football game against Nevada on Saturday. Kick-off is set for 12:30 PM.

Watch here.

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  • It is simply not CK's style to major on a lot of negatives when his team loses. He also never throws his players under the bus when they struggle either. He has their backs.

    Re CK always giving props to the other team, he is right. Sure he could point out where we blew it, but by giving the other team credit he's only pointing what's basically true in most athletic endeavors. The team that wins, on most days, is usually the better team and their players played better. Unlike Bellotti, who in defeat usually was pretty stubborn in giving the other team props, even saying stupid stuff like "I'm not so sure the better team won today.....etc" (I paraphrase).

    Finally, we also need to stop sometimes and remind ourselves that this is only the beginning of his 3rd year as a college HC.

  • Chip Kelly is a really, really good coach. We are lucky to have him. A few years ago, the Ducks wouldn't have been invited to play LSU in Dallas, wouldn't have gone to the Rose Bowl to play Ohio State and couldn't have imagined an undefeated regular season and a chance to go to the 'Natty. They've lost big games they never would have played without Chip Kelly. Oregon is not a state that produces big time football players and what we've accomplished of late is flat out amazing. The glass is 7/8th's full, not 1/8th empty!

  • I was just reading something about the Ducks on ESPN concerning Chips talking about LSUs difference in size and advantage just looking at them well you know we have all heard that after every big loss from kelly and excuses, frankly thats just what they are is excuses and Im kind of tired of hereing them. Heres some facts look aqt Boise ST they go in to Georgia and beat them pretty good with superior line play on both sides of the ball so just think what Coach Pederson could do with the players we have on our team. Is everyone kind of seeing what Im saying here is that isnt Boise STs Coach a Alumni OF UO. He doesnt make excuses he just wins big games so just my opinion but I, really wasnt that impressed with LSU Oregon doesnt cough up the ball 4 times and 95 yards of penalties I believe wer win that game. Those are things Chips players are hearing every time from him and I dont believe that bestows to much confidense with the team its just basically saying he is not taking the blame for being out coached plain and simple.

    Maitai: Do you not realize that Boise State has one of the top ranked Dlines in the nation? I was listening to Dan Patrick talk about them, and i didnt even realize this but they have 3 or 4 NFL dlineman on their team according to them talking about Boise's Dline, that makes a huge difference. Chip gives credit where credit is due, those guys were HUGE, FAST, and very physical, he also said we cant cough up the ball and give teams like LSU short fields all night long! I didnt hear any excuses, he said we lost, which happens when you play the game of football!

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