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Ducks fall to Tigers in 'Big D'

It was a miserable night in Arlington, TX for head coach Chip Kelly and the Oregon Duck football team as the Ducks time and time again made costly mistakes that led the LSU Tigers running away with a convincing 40-27 victory.

"Our football team is united. They play together," LSU head coach Le Miles said following the game. "You put a ball on the line and they'll scrap you for it."

Oregon certainly put the ball on the line in the third quarter and it cost the Ducks.

Oregon freshman running back De'Anthony Thomas committed his first of two turnovers early in the third quarter when the Ducks were pinned deep inside their own side of the field.

LSU Safety Eric Reid was able to scoop the ball right up and would later score on a five-yard touchdown run by sophomore Michael Ford.

One the ensuing kickoff LSU defender Craig Loston punched the ball out of Thomas' hands on a big return and LSU recovered it.

Oregon wouldn't be able to keep LSU out of the endzone and Spencer Ware would eventually find his way into the endzone and turn a 13-16 game into a 13-30 game in a matter of minutes.

Drew Alleman would tack on a field goal early in the fourth quarter to give the Tigers a 33-13 lead.

Darron Thomas would help guide the Ducks down a 13 play and nearly five minute drive that massed 68 total yards with an ending play of Thomas hitting sophomore receiver Josh Huff in the back of the endzone for a touchdown.

Down 33-20 with just over half a quarter left in the game the Ducks had life and were able to force the Tigers into a three-and-out but the Ducks themselves would turn the ball over on downs.

LSU's Ford would eventually score on a 16-yard scamper and seal the game away from the Ducks to make it 40-20 with just minutes left.

Freshman back De'Anthony Thomas would also score a late touchdown with under a minute left to make the game 27-40.

Darron Thomas finished the game throwing a career high 54 passes and completing 31 for 240 yards, a touchdown and an interception.

Oregon's running game would be limited as the Tigers held the Ducks to a net of 95 total yards rushing and 54 from LaMichael James who carried the ball 18 times for a score.

James was also the Ducks' top receiver with six catches for 61 yards while Lavasier Tuinei added seven catches for 47 yards.

During the game James would pass Derell Loville as Oregon's all-time career rushing leader with 3,331 yards.

Rob Beard had field goals of 29 and 30 yards that put Oregon up 6-3 in the first quarter.

  • I heard it's going to be in the 90's tomorrow...

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  • Like BO said, we should control the lines, we did not. that coupled with 4 turnovers, 110 in penalties is what sunk us. We also missed Harris, but that did not hurt as much as the other 3 factors. We need to get STRONGER and FASTER on the lines. I hope to god that we can pull in some of those highly talented O lineman we are in the mix for the 12 class. Also hopefully, somehow, we can get McCarthy in the house. We got our heads handed to us because of mistakes and their superior line play.

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  • You know what? This is the kind of game that makes me thankful for what we get consistently get from Chip Kelly and the Oregon staff. We as fans have been a bit spoiled; we expect to win these games. I mean no disrespect to any of our players who despite the mistakes, played their guts out last night, but as Chip noted in the press conference after the game, LSU and the rest of the elite SEC teams are really composed of different kind of athletes. Oregon might be comparable at skill positions, but is just not there in the o-line, d-line, linebackers, etc. And considering issues of geography, we may never be truly there.

    By virtue of the football culture of the south (one in which many high schools require their players to take a two-hour football "class" during the day throughout the year on top of the three-hour+ practice after school), these talented and athletic kids are bred to play football in a manner that is largely unfamiliar to the northwest and rest of the west coast.

    This is not to suggest that we cannot win these games or will never recruit and compete on an elite level nationally, but I think these games do require us to take a step back to recognize and be thankful for the accomplishments of the players and staff throughout the past 3-4 years. My guess is that Oregon will continue to remain in an uphill battle in this regard, but it is nice to know we are in good hands. I will continue to enjoy the ride. Go Ducks!

  • Ahh to be embarrassed on the biggest stage, getting a little tired of this re-ocurring storyline. This is a soft team. Kenjon was a timid little kitten all night, James literally disappeared in the third quarter, Hoffman, and LT were not really interested in the possible contact related to catching a ball over the middle, and did Huff even suit up for this game? The only guy on offense that looked like he had a pair was DAT. Defense looked good but smaller than last year if that is possible. These guys looked nervous and scared at times, how that happens and how unprepared they appeared after playing in the national championship is really a head scratcher.

    If you are going to take the option out of the spread option, just line up in the freaking I formation! I dislike the spread in general, but Oregon has not really used it in the last three games they have played.

    I think this could really set the program back. Recruits are going to think the same thing everyone else is today, nice little program that can't (a) win an important non-conference game, and (b) will never be able to seriously compete with the top of the SEC. How likely are we going to be to convince the furture DAT to come to Oregon after getting beat again and again when it matters most? Hope I am wrong here.

    I had lowered my expectations quite a bit from last year, but wow. LSU looked good, but we made them look great. Thier QB sucks and that offense is about as uncreative as you can get. Their secondary sure can fly around, but I think they get beat a time or two this year.

    Guess the only thing that could be worse would be losing to Sacramento State.

    But when its my time to throw the next stone...

  • I cannot believe I paid to come down here and watch the wimpy effort accurately described Seven Oaks. Franky, their pre-game body language sent up warning flags. Then the game begins and DT threw high and wide and never showed leadership in action. These lads need to man up and become a team that executes assignments with force or it will be a lost season.
    And we cannot continue to recruit the type of players who are overpowered at the point of contact. Coach Azz was quoted last week and what he said could be lifted out of context and used against us in our already dismal efforts to recruit DT's. The quote: "I don't care what the (player) wants, I want what is best for the University of Oregon."

  • I agree with the two posts above. We played like crap. Our dual threat run/pass offense was very apathetic. DT threw 50+ times. That doesnt seem balanced when you have a heisman caliber rb. This game showed us how much experience can trump talent in some situations. Last year the oline wasnt highly rated, but they did have deep levels of experience in the system.

    Here's to hoping this game is used as a learning experience as to what not to do when youre playing on the biggest stage.

    Also where was Colt? Thought we might see him, and perhaps the dink and dunk with a hback or dual te sets would open the field for the rbs.

  • The Ducks will finish the regular season 10-3. That is a GOOD record for a team this young. We have all grown spoiled.

    By mid-season, this will be a very good team. Last year was magical and should not be used as the standard to determine whether future teams measure up.

    The LSU game was a road game. LSU is really good ... deserving of the #3 national ranking and a BCS bowl game. We played a ton of first year players, true and redshirt freshmen. We lost some great veterans: Mathews, Bair, Maehl, Davis, Holmes, TJackson and Thran were really missed. Harris and Alonso were out.

    This Duck team has a good shot at the Rose Bowl as the young guys and new starters make progress. Don't get too up or too down on them this year as the learning curve will be steep.

    That said ... Chip will have our Ducks lined up by season's end and we'll be even better in 2012 and 2013.

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