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How Oregon recruiting is different

Oregon fans continue to stroll on the Duckterritory boards waiting to read that next "big piece of recruiting news."

The only problem is, with signing day just a few weeks in the books, there's relatively little news to read.

Duckterritory was fortunate to retain the mass of their satisfied readers through last year. And our 30-day Free trial offer still stands which saw our site explode with new members.

So whether you are a newbie, or need to be reminded once again, here's a quick guide to the recruiting practices under Chip Kelly and what you need to be aware of.

Every recruit loves Oregon!

This isn't an attempt to say Oregon is the best college in the country and the rest of the schools are at Chip Kelly's mercy. From my viewpoint, I can conceivably call just about any recruit you name and ask them if they have interest in Oregon. More than likely, 98 out of any 100 I call will say 'yes.' This can be said about Alabama, USC, Ohio State, Texas or any other major program. It's a compliment to those programs.

But it's early in the recruiting cycle, and most kids aren't looking to eliminate any option and is welcome to new offers. So while you can read an update on any website stating a recruit has Oregon interest, read so with some reserved optimism, for now.

Here at Duckterritory we are committed to try and call recruits we feel are high targets by the Oregon staff and ask the tough questions to determine how much interest the staff has. I could fill our que up daily with updates from all around the nation and recruits that mention Oregon. I'm doing my best to sort through realistic options. But keep in mind, it's February things will change by September.

Is Oregon recruiting them or are they recruiting Oregon?

DeSoto (Texas) RB Dontre Wilson is one of the top targets for the Oregon staff.

This is one of the most vital viewpoints to read in an update. Is Oregon sending general questionnaires or are they emailing on a consistent basis? Is there any phone contact, which must be initiated by the recruit at this time. Listening to the responses given in this particular aspect is a huge tell.

Oregon will recruit who they see as a fit to their system. More often than not, if you are reading an update on a recruit you view as the next big thing, the staff has already evaluated him at some point. Now through the end of March is when those continued evaluations will take place.

So when reading an update whether from us or another service, judge for yourself if Oregon seems to be showing the interest or if the recruit is simply looking for them to.

Who has Oregon offered so far?

Oregon is not very 'liberal' with their offers. Meaning, they don't send out tons of offers at once, and generally not early in the process. Chip Kelly has a philosophy to research each recruits character background before submitting an offer. At this time, offers can not be made on paper, they are only verbal.

With no written offer submitted until later this Summer, there can be some confusion about who has an "official" offer and who does not. More than likely there may have been some confusion with regards to "intent to offer" being the same as an offer. There are a handful of offers out there at this time, but with contact limited at this time, don't expect many if any offers to be made until March when coaches can hit the roads and host recruits on campus.

What about junior day?

Junior Days can yield some high results for powerhouse programs such as Texas, Alabama and Florida State. For Oregon this is not typically the case. Geographically it's not feasible, no matter how many conference championships Oregon may win. The staff has yet to host it's first junior day which is tentatively scheduled for Mar. 3 at this time. Expect most attendees to be from the region, specifically the state of Oregon. The next junior day is expected to be around the Spring game in late April.

Five-star Thomas Tyner is Oregon's lone commit in the class of 2013.

More than likely this will be the first 'big' activity of the Spring which could see some new offers generated. There may be one or two recruits that jump on an offer, but generally don't anticipate a high number of commitments, if any before the end of April.

Oregon is already on the board with five-star running back Thomas Tyner. However last year, the first commitment came from in-state athlete Oshay Dunmore, on Apr. 2.

Are all of the updates now meaningless until April?

Not at all. In fact they are as important as the commitment story.


Like last year, we had several updates on recruits before Oregon had even offered. The real impact here is with that information in hand already, most of our readers already have been introduced to that recruit, seen their film and heard some feedback on where they may rank on Oregon's board. Before a recruit 'erupts' with offers, they tend to give more information than later in the cycle. Meaning a recruit may name a top 2-3 in an update now, even if they don't have any offers. Then, once those offers come in, they tend to 'tighten down' on that type of information. So by reading these updates now, you can get a feel for where Oregon or other schools stack up on their radar.

Obviously things can change, and in recruiting they do, but this information can be most valuable down the line.

Any questions, shoot to our boards for Free, and ask away.


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